Bandai Namco files trademark for new Galaga game

Namco Screenshot - 1168280

Bandai Namco may be resurrecting an arcade classic if a recent trademark is to be believed.

The name Galaga Wars was filed for from the United States and is registered to Namco. As Siliconera reports, this is actually the third Galaga­-related trademark from the company this year: Galaga Defense and Galaga Bandits cropped up earlier in May along with a Japan-side claim to Galaga Wars.

Namco has yet to address the project—which in all likelihood will be a mobile adaptation of the shoot-‘em-up icon—publically, nor have they confirmed that the name is more than a simple placeholder.

Interestingly, Galaga has already found 15 seconds of modern fame thanks to the new Super Smash Bros. and an appearance by the notorious Boss ship.


Austin Wood
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