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Band of Bugs PC Version released, with a few surprises

November 30, 2007

Band of Bugs Available Today PC version of Live Arcade title released today on— with a few surprises

Band of Bugs PC, the Windows-based version of the Xbox LIVE Arcade strategy title by NinjaBee, is available for download starting today on  To promote the game’s release, NinjaBee has also announced a new contest as well as lower prices for their T-shirts and select downloadable games.

The latest NinjaBee contest rewards the most skilled player. Players must submit a screenshot from the PC version of Band of Bugs showing their final score screen for level eight ("Hold the Line"). The player with the most enemy units defeated on that level will win a PC game of his or her choice. Please see the Band of Bugs PC Contest post on the NinjaBee forum for official rules.

In addition to the contest, NinjaBee has lowered the price of select PC games to $14.95. Now the full versions of both Band of Bugs and Outpost Kaloki can be purchased on for less than most other downloadable games. As always, a trial download of the game is free.

“Think of it as a holiday gift from NinjaBee to you,” said Steve Taylor, president of Wahoo Studios. “We’re giving you better quality and a much deeper gaming experience than what you would find in other online downloadable games for a lower price.”

Along with a lowered game download price, NinjaBee has lowered its T-shirt prices to $14.95 as well. Visit  to see the collection of men’s and women’s NinjaBee-inspired T-shirts.

About Band of Bugs

While Band of Bugs delivers the deep strategic combat popular with experienced gamers, NinjaBee also designed the game to be accessible and appealing to those not familiar with the strategy genre. The campaign follows bug-hero Maal as he joins the royal army of the Central Kingdom and commands other powerful bug heroes in order to save his Queen and defeat the menace that threatens his kingdom. In addition to the story-based campaign, gamers can play stand-alone missions and online multiplayer battles. The game also features an innovative map editor which allows players to unleash their creativity and design their own maps to play and share with their friends. The number of levels in the game is only limited by each player’s creativity.

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