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Bad Dudes Making a Possible Return For Sequel With Kickstarter

You’d think that the Dragon Ninja clan would’ve learned its lesson when the Bad Dudes kicked their butt way back in the late 80’s…but apparently, that isn’t the case, according to Pinstripe Games.


The company has recent launched a Kickstarter campaign to attempt to bring the Dudes back for a sequel.  Titled, obviously, Bad Dudes 2, the game would return the fighters to action as they once again battle the ninjas in classic 2D fighting style.




We want Bad Dudes 2 to be a game that people will want to play and laugh with their friends about over and over, and for that to happen it needs to be a great game. This is a project we want to get 100% behind and dedicate our full-time attention to,” says the Kickstarter description.


The Kickstarter is off to a slow start, with only just over $3,000 of its $80,000 intended funds earned.  However, there’s still 19 days to go on the project, and Pinstripe is offering some pretty good rewards for donators, including a copy of the game (upon release), a modernized 16-bit copy of the game on a SNES cartridge, and dedicated PC game boxes.


So if you give a lick about the Bad Dudes, head on over to the Kickstarter by visiting this link (link: and help Pinstripe out.  And when you’re done, who knows?  Maybe you can go get a burger.  Ha ha ha.

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