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Bad DLC - Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Fireman Pack



It's always a bit weird when DLC drops for a game which wasn't all that well recieved to begin with, as is the case here with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (we gave it a 7.0, which is pretty much the game journalist's equivilent of "meh"). Top-tier games can get away with releasing some less than thrilling DLC, because the demand is there for silly things like new costumes and flaming helmets. But for games driven by a smaller subset of fans, you should really be delivering DLC that is worth their time. I'm talking actual content: new missions, substantial gear enhancements, etc. Today's announced DLC... not so much.

First is the Fire Fighter skills pack, which for two bucks gets you a mustache, a fire jacket, and some silly skills like immunity to fire damage and a new attack with the fire axe. As fun as the costume looks, why couldn't this have been in the main game? 

The second DLC pack, Gamebreaker, is even dumber, as it's basically purchasing a cheat mode for the game. For five goddamned dollars you can turn on infinite ammo, make weapons indestructable, and even turn back the game's clock to make missions easier to achieve. Things like "Big Head Mode" are fun, but again, we're expected to pay money for silly little bonuses that took probably 30 seconds to program? I can't imagine that when Rare first put big head mode in Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 they were thinking "I wish I could charge $5 for this."

Long story short, most people know Capcom is a bit in the red and looking to make some quick cash, but DLC like this is just embarrassing. $40 for Marvel vs. Capcom 3's new characters, maybe, but $2 to dress Frank up like a fireman? C'mon now. 

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