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Babo:Invasion Combines Ultra Fast Team-Based Action with Competitive In-Game Map Making

February 18, 2008

Babo:Invasion Combines Ultra Fast Team-Based Action with Competitive In-Game Map Making

HeadGames previewed a new multiplayer shooter game, called Babo:Invasion, at the Game Developers Conference today in San Francisco. Babo:Invasion is based on the original IP of the popular freeware multiplayer combat game Babo Violent 2, considered by tens of thousands of players worldwide as one of the most fun, fastest-paced games in the multiplayer top-down shooter category. It has as been called "carnage on a stick" by Maximum PC Magazine and "a great game, originality, blisteringly quick firefights, and very fun gameplay" by GameHippo.

The new Babo:Invasion is a fast-paced multiplayer game where armed ball-like "Babos" navigate maze-like worlds in a free-for-all firefight or team-based combat. Its unique format is easy-to-learn, allows new players to jump into existing firefights for a quick hit any time, and provides fun, mayhem-filled action. The game offers an arcade-style single-player mode and the optional depth of multiplayer team and class-based gameplay. The new version also features top-down and chase cam views, new weapons, and lush 3-D environments. Multi-player Competitive Mapping, a first-of-its-kind game feature, supports the “Invasion” game mode, adding a major strategic and competitive element to gameplay.

Babo Violent 2 proved very popular because of its unique combination of easy-to-learn mechanics; fun, multiplayer mayhem; and the depth of team-based play options," states Scott Simpson, HeadGames Studio Director. "Players love the ability to jump into the action whenever they have a few minutes to get a quick hit of fun and adrenaline. Babo: Invasion takes those strengths to a new level."

The new Babo:Invasion will be released for PCs and consoles in 2008 through Playbrains and can be previewed at

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