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Awesomenauts The Movie: An April Fools' joke that should be a reality


I know this is a joke, but a part of me really wants Ronimo Games' Awesomenauts to really have a movie -- or at least a TV show. For the record, I'm referring to the latest April fool's joke sent over to us by Awesomnauts developer Ronimo Games, who claimed their 2D MOBA is "coming to Hollywood!"

"Awesomenauts The Movie will be directed by the award-winning director G.G. Abrams," the statement read, clearly mocking all of the hype surrounding J.J. Abrams, who recently signed on to direct the new Star Wars film. They also included a trailer.

Awesomenauts The Movie will be released in full 3D and will reach theaters around the globe this Fall. Joost van Dongen, co-founder of Ronimo Games, said: "This movie is a dream come true. Plans for an Awesomenauts movie have been in development since we started working on the game, and now that the game has reached such huge success, we have finally been able to break into Hollywood and get the production of the movie started!"

As much as I enjoy a good April Fools' joke, this is something that should really be considered. Even the initial trailer for the game sparked memories of 80s TV shows. And we all know, of course, that no cartoons are better than the ones from the 80s. Make it happen, Ronimo.

For us, this is just another one of many April Fools' jokes played by the gaming industry. Over the years the industry has made it ritual to release fake news like this or some sort of mini-game to get a rise out of fans. There definitely hasn't been a lack of humor early on today. See what other jokes you might have missed today.

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