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Awesomenauts adds Gnaw and introduces a new matchmaking system for cheaters

A new Awesomenaut, one described as the "most disgusting alien dog/thing in the universe'", has arrived today.

New character, Gnaw, is available for free with today's Awesomenauts update. The type of creature who likes to bite and spit poisonous ooze at his foes, Gnaw was trained by his Cosmic biker pirate masters. He's a devious little monster who will infest whole areas with slimy goo and flesh eating plants.

Due to the overwhelming success of Awesomenauts, Ronimo Games has plans to add new character and features regularly during the coming months. In just the first three weeks of availability on Steam, players have enjoyed over 500,000 games and have collected over 1,000,000,000 Solar.

Of course, as with any other competitive game, you get your cheaters. Ronimo has created a pretty genius way to deal with these despicable folk. Rather than ban them from the game, a separate "ima-cheater-and-I-wanna-play-against-my-cheating-buddies-league" was created, giving them a separate matchmaking system filled with other like-minded cheaters.


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