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Awesome indie Noitu Love 2 heads to Steam


A couple of years ago an indie dev by the name of Konjak released a game titled Noitu Love. The game harked back to the good ol' NES days and relied on several action game tropes from that generation. In other words, the graphics were awesome and the game itself didn't make much sense. (The way video games should be!)

Noitu Love was followed up by a sequel, Noitu Love 2: Devolution, and that game was lauded for once again delivering a retro gaming experience that paid true homage to '80s gaming. Noitu Love 2 has been around for some time now, and it has sported a generous $10 price tag for the last several years.

Now, though, the throwback indie title is landing on Steam on April 23. It was about time wasn't it? Noitu Love 2 will be priced at $4 at launch, which is pretty darn affordable and easy to recommend for indie game fans. While there won't be any added conent, Konjak assures that plenty of fixes have been implemented to ensure the game runs smoother than ever.

And just in case you need to catch up by playing the first game, you can do so by downloading it on Konjak's official site. Do it!

[Konjak, Destructoid]

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