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Australian GameStop Advert Accused of Sexism


Though all of America's EBGames locations have been rebranded as GameStop here in the states, the name is still used in Australia, where an allegedly-sexist web advert has some gamers upset with the used game retailer.

As seen in the video, a male gamer tells his wife that he'll meet her at the supermarket after doing some game shopping. Already this relationship seems a bit off, with the man seeing no problem with telling his wife to get started on shopping for neccessities while he spends some time browsing for games, even zoning out as she starts to complain. The thing is that though the conflict here seems to be that this guy is kind of a selfish prick, the EBGames clerk knows the real problem. She's a woman! And women get upset when men dare to try to enjoy themselves, eh mate? His solution to fix this failing marriage? Trade-in your used games for new titles, and buy that stupid b**** a fancy dinner with the money you saved.

Worst part is, the gambit works. Distracted by her fancy meal, the simple-minded woman is happily placated, even dusting the house while her lazy sack of a husband sits on the couch and plays Batman.

As of this posting, the video has 80 likes, and 250 dislikes on YouTube. Also, there are eighty terrible husbands somewhere out there in Australia. 

Thanks to @stillgray for the link!

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