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Australia Gets Badass Pre-Order Gift for OoT 3D


Geez, Australia gets all the good stuff! Actually, that's not true: Mortal Kombat was banned over there. In any case, Nintendo is definitely treating the folks down under. Gamers who pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will receive the ultimate Hyrulian package.

Anyone who puts down a deposit for Ocarina of Time 3D at their local EB Games store will get a neat little bundle when they pick up their copy of the game later this year. The Ocarina Edition, as it's officially called, includes the game in a snazzy gold-colored box along with a real ocarina. Additionally, sheet music to the Lost Woods theme will also be included.

Nintendo has been offering different pre-order incentives for Ocarina of Time 3D depending on region. The UK seems to have gotten the short end of the stick. Sadly, all those folks will get is a poster, which is cool but nowhere near as awesome as an ocarina.

Let's hope Nintendo shows North American 3DS owners some love by shipping us the same pre-order bundle as Australia. It's the least they could do after holding out on releasing The Last Story here. Yeah, we haven't forgotten about that.

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