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Australia getting Pandora's Tower next month


Australia usually gets screwed over when it comes to gaming. Consoles and games over there are way more expensive than they are everywhere else. Titles are often censored terribly. And sometimes the folks living in the land down under have to wait longer to get triple-A releases.

Now, though, Australia is getting something we North Americans want: Pandora's Tower. That's right, the final piece of this big Wii RPG puzzle is being released over there.

Pandora's Tower will hit Australian retailers on April 12. That's less than a month away, and you can bet it's exciting news for RPG fans. It's a bit of a shame that they'll have to pay several thousand dollars for the game, but hey, at least it's launching in Australia.

Is North America next? Will we get word on the localization of Pandora's Tower over here, too? We're already getting Xenoblade Chronicles next month. And The Last Story is scheduled to launch later this year. Make it happen, Nintendo. Let's get Pandora's Tower here in North America in 2012.

[Nintendo Australia]

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