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Aurora Blade: New Player Gift Giveaway

July 16, 2009

Aurora Blade: New Player Gift Giveaway

Aurora Blade continues to attract many new players, even now. More and more faces have been joining in on one of the best MMO's around! In order to show our appreciation for your continued support, as well as to help out some of the newer players of our game, we will be rolling out a gift that includes 20 Aurora Blade points to purchase the items that you absolutely need from the Item Mall!

Giveaway Time

After 3:00am on July 17th EDT (GMT-4)

More Details

  • All characters created after July 1st EDT (GMT-4) that are level 10 or higher will be able to claim gifts.

  • The 20 AB points received from this event are bound to the character that is claiming the gift. The item purchased with these 20 AB points will also be bound to the character.

  • All characters can claim a gift once. Even if an account has more than one character, all of the characters on that account are eligible for the reward.

Check the steps of claiming your gift at

For more information of this game, you can check it at

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