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Atlus Releasing Patch to Tone Down Catherine's Difficulty


In case you didn't know, Catherine is a pretty tough cookie even on its easiest difficulty setting. Gamers have reportedly shared their thoughts on the game via various social networking sites, stating that the surreal action-adventure game is a bit on the punishing side. This has led director Katsura Hashino to announce that Atlus will be releasing a patch to scale back the game's difficulty considerably.

Hashino originally stated that the game was meant to be difficult so that players could get the most out of the nightmare experiences of protagonist Vincent. Clearing the game's nightmares would subsequently grant players a major feeling of satisfaction, which it probably does given the incredibly tough nature of Catherine.

Though a release date hasn't been specified, Atlus is currently working on the patch, so you can expect to hear more about it from the developer in the near future. Will the game's difficulty be changed for the North American release? It's highly likely that the western version of the game will feature the toned down difficulty once it finally launches outside of Japan.


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