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Atlus Registers a Few Domains That Point Towards More Persona 5

P3D, P5AG, P5D, P5U, Persona Dance, and PQ2.

Atlus Registers a Few Domains That Point Towards Persona

Atlus, the company behind the Persona series and the recently released Persona 5 has registered a few more Persona-related domain names on the internet.

This list includes:

Now, we have no leads on any of these. In fact, it could just be Atlus covering their bases just in case they plan to make spinoffs for Persona 5 like they did for Persona 4.

However, speculation is fun, so here are our guesses:

  • P3D could be Persona 3 Dancing, much like Dancing All Night.
  • P5AG... Who knows. Maybe some sort of premium edition of Persona 5 like Persona 4 Golden was or Persona 5 Arena Golden.
  • Atlus loves these dancing off-shoots. P5D could be another dancing game, this time based on Persona 5.
  • P5R could be.... Persona 5 Racing. This sounds silly, but there's a fan-made Persona 4 racing game out there.
  • P5U is a little obscure. It could be something totally new or like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but instead be Persona 5 Ultimax.
  • Persona-dance is... well, clearly related to dancing. This may just be an extra pick up for redirecting.
  • PQ2 definitely seems to be a Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth sequel possibility.

What do you think? What could P5U be? Check out our review roundup and analysis of Persona 5 here.

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