Atlus: PS4, Xbox One cannot be ignored, next-gen projects are on the table

Persona 4 Screenshot - Persona

Persona 5 is currently at the top of Atlus’ priority list, but the studio won’t be tied to the previous console generation for much longer, Weekly Famitsu reports.

President and CEO Yukio Sugino stated that, with PS4 sales showing no signs of slowing down and the Xbox One gaining prominence in Japan, the company “cannot ignore” the new platforms. It stands to reason Persona 5 is remaining a previous-gen release for similar reasons as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel—that’s where the following and largest install base is found—but given Sugino's comments, fans can expect future Shin Megami Tensei installments on newer systems.

However, Atlus will stay focused on console development. The company has a strong handheld foothold between Shin Megami Tensei on 3DS and such Vita dabblings as Dragon’s Crown, but Sugino asserted that the company will aim to cater to its hardcore console fans as they move into the next generation.

With that said, it remains possible for Atlus to release additional titles on PS3 and Xbox 360, perhaps through cross-gen projects. 

[via DualShockers]

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