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Atlantica Online World Championship Underway

September 18, 2008

Atlantica Online Champions embark on next leg of their journey

Southeast Asian Finalists Decided, U.S. Hopefuls Gear Up for Battle

NDOORS Interactive’s strategic turn-based MMORPG Atlantica Online has selected two finalists at the Southeast Asia regional in Singapore. The North America finals will take place in Southern California Sept. 20, where two more players will earn a chance for the title of Atlantica world champion.

The Game & Game World Championship is a tournament for the world’s best online players. The 2008 GNGWC Grand Finals will take place at G-Star, Korea’s largest video game event on Nov. 16. More than 150 domestic and foreign companies will exhibit at G-Star this year.

To qalify for a shot at the trip to Seoul, Atlantica players must win their place through PvP combat. Regional finalists compete in a single-elimination tournament. Each round is comprised of three separate battles, where players must out-wit and out-strategize their opponent. Each player has a team of nine to command for each 30 second turn. The placement of each character and the order in which they are played can change the course of a battle. Even the selection of who is brought into battle can decide the victor even before it has begun.

The Southeast Asia Regional Championship were exciting, with an unexpected upset. The Southeast Asia finalists are Hansel “Xalor” Lim Kar Yang and Khairul “Khai” Farhan, both of Singapore. Lim Kar Yang entered the competition the number one ranking player in the region and the expected winner. But Farhan was able to achieve the upset, winning 3-2, in the best-of-five final match. They both won paid airfare and hotel accommodations to Korea and a chance at $5,000.

The top 16 qualifiers for the North American Regional Final have been decided. They will battle for the two exclusive finalist spots on Sept. 20 at the Cyberia Internet Café in Gardena, Calif.

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