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Athena’s wisdom leaps into Smite’s cast


When it comes to polytheist pantheons, my favorite god(ess) has always been and always will be Athena. The Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, knowledge, inspiration, law, justice, warfare, culture, etc. – she does it all. The very concept of the ‘warrior philosopher’ is a trope I’m an enormous fan of. All that, and Athens is a top 5 place I want to visit someday.

Anyhoo, on to stuff you probably care about. Athena is joining the gamer ranks as a playable character in Smite. The third-person MOBA uses gods from all cultures and pits them in 5v5 scenarios. Her passive, Reach, is pretty unique. While she’s a melee champion, after every ability she uses her next auto attack is at range. While she is primarily a tank, this passive allows for solid poke in lane.

Preemptive Strike is a charge that stops upon hitting a target, slowing them. Confound releases a shock wave that damages and taunts targets towards them. Shield Wall was does damage upon casting and another hit if they remain in the AoE. Defender of Olympus allows you to jump to a friendly god and does damage to enemy gods in the AoE range.

Check out her video, lore, and skill set below and pick up this tank in game. Now with 100% less owl!          

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