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Atelier Annie: Alchemists Of Sera Island Coming Fall 2009!

July 9, 2009


NIS America announced today that with its strong support from the hardcore gamer crowd, Atelier Annie, the latest incarnation of the Atelier series will be heading for the Nintendo DS handheld system this coming October. Unlike the previous series, which was strictly RPG, Atelier Annie adopts a unique “sim” based SRPG system. Characters will explore the world of Annie for alchemic items and also to participate in an island resort development project. As the head of an alchemy resort, you must go on quests to collect, create, and sell alchemy items to arriving customers and make the resort prosperous.

Key Features

1.Unique quest based item customization
2.Become the owner of a resort and help make it prosperous
3.Simple, yet intuitive strategy RPG battle system
4.Quick mini games throughout the game for extra quests

Collect and sell your creations to help your resort village grow. What you do and make will affect how your village expands. Players will search and fight to collect ingredients from all over the world to create rare items. Simple, yet exciting. Atelier Annie adopts a strategy RPG style battle system for the first time.

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