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Atari confirms new game console in the works


Atari confirms new game console in the works

Last week something called the Ataribox popped up on YouTube (below), the trailer didn't show much other than a link to a website for the Ataribox. Domain information was unavailable at the time, but it was assumed the Ataribox was not something Atari-built, but some kind of third-party project.

The video and site teased “brand new Atari product years in the making,” however, no details have been supplied and the domain information for the site is still being hidden by a private company called Domains By Proxy. The coding for the site itself doesn't give anything way either.

Around all this mystery, the Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais, is claiming that the company is back in the hardware business. Chesnais spoke with Venture Beat during E3 2017 to say as much, "We’re back in the hardware business."

Chesnais did not detail the console any further but stated it was based on "PC technology" and that the design is still in development. 

In other Atari news, the developer's symbol was spotted in the most recent Blade Runner 2049 trailer - it's unclear if the two are linked.


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