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Atari Accounts Compromised


People with registered Atari user accounts possibly got some of their information viewed.  The information viewed was your name and e-mail address. 

This occurred when an unnamed outside contractor worked on the site and made some spreadsheets about registered users.  The data was hosted on a cloud server that crashed.  When the servers came back on, the firewall protection didn’t (oops); this lead to a 3 week period of having user information public.  A user pointed this out and it was fixed 24 hours later.

If you are concerned, Atari suggests you make some ‘precautions’ before anything happens.  Things like… changing your password.  That’s a solid start.  The official e-mail statement is here:

Dear Atari Registered user:

Atari has discovered that some information that you provided to Atari when you registered on our site was recently able to be viewed publicly. The information that was viewable was your name and e-mail address. This occurred when an outside contractor working on our website created some spreadsheets related to registered users. The spreadsheets were maintained on a database hosted on a cloud server that crashed. When the server was brought back up online, the firewall around the database was inadvertently not re-established. As a result, there was an approximate three week period of time when names and e-mail address were able to be found and viewed online. A registered user brought this to our attention and within 24 hours the database was removed from the internet and could not be seen by anyone. Atari takes very seriously the privacy of its registered users. Atari is implementing new protocols to further assure the privacy of user data. If you have any questions, please contact Atari at Atari is grateful for its registered users’ interest in our products and looks forward to continuing to provide interesting and useful information about our games and products to you in the future.

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