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AT&T officially announces PlayStation Vita 3G price plans

PS Vita for AT&T

AT&T, the exclusive U.S. wireless carrier for the PlayStation Vita, today announced the data plan pricing for the 3G-enabled model of the portable handheld device.  I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if you were on our site last week you'd have already known these announced prices.  Last week, we uncovered the price plans simply by walking into an AT&T store and asking a sales associate.  It's amazing what face-to-face contact can get you in a day where everything revolves around email.  Still, I understand the skepticism in believing us seeing as how it came from a sales associate and they aren't always 100% correct.

So today, we can officially confirm that the store was right and our "rumored" data plans were correct.  In case you missed it, here is a quick rundown of the two pricing plans AT&T will be offering:

AT&T plans to offer two data plans, a $14.99 plan featuring 250MB and a $25 plan with 2GB.  Both plans are month-to-month and will not require a long-term contract.  PlayStation Vita customers with an AT&T data plan will also have free access at more than 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.

“The data plans for the PlayStation Vita will give gaming enthusiasts a convenient and seamless path to connect to a nationwide mobile broadband network while gaming on the go,” said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T.  “We are looking forward to providing PlayStation Vita users the ability to experience a new era of portable gaming through wireless integration. This introduces an entirely new gaming experience, with access to popular social networking sites, right on the device.”

In the official press release, AT&T announced:

PS Vita will launch with a wide range of social networking features developed specifically for the system that provide unique, handheld entertainment experiences:

  • Location-based application “near” will allow users to find out what other PS Vita owners in their vicinity are currently playing and what titles are most popular in the area. “near” also enables location-based gaming features such as “gifting,” in which a user can access virtual game-related items that other users are sharing by checking in at geographic locations. For example, in the popular kart racing series ModNation Racers: Road Trip, PS Vita users will be able to collect rare gift items provided through the game when visiting specific points of interest in 45 major cities around the world. They can then share them with other PS Vita owners through the “near” application.
  • “LiveArea™” is an interactive interface for each PS Vita software title in which users can access the latest information for games through PlayStation®Network.
  • In addition, a variety of social networking and communications services such as Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, and Twitter will be available on PS Vita.

The PlayStation Vita is set to launch in the United States on February 22, 2012.

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