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AT&T Doesn't Have a Clue About the Vita

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Eager gamers awaiting the PS Vita will have a choice of either the WiFi model or the 3G model. The 3G model is said to have exclusivity with AT&T which begs the question: How much are they expected to pay each month if they're picking up that model come February.

I myself have contacted AT&T twice, once through their online customer service and once by phone. Both times, they didn't seem to have a clue about pricing for the Vita, or let alone what a PS Vita even is. I unfortunately didn't save my conversation with the rep but after looking for a bit, user ramonini on the forum posted his online chat with an AT&T representative, and turns out it went very much the same way like mine.

You are now chatting with Jenny Sy., an AT&T sales representative.

Jenny Sy.: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?

Ramon: Hello I need help with something else . I was trying to chat with someone but it wouldn't give me the option and when it never went thru . My question is what is the data plan for the upcoming Playstation Vita ? Do you have any info on this ?

Jenny Sy.: I would be happy to help you with your questions today!

Ramon: thanks

Jenny Sy.: Please give me a moment to see what I can find for you.

Ramon: thank you

Jenny Sy.: Your welcome.

Jenny Sy.: SO currently we have the Elevate Mobile hotspot that give Wi-Fi access. Things might change closer to when it is released though.

Ramon: well the playstation vita will have a sim card slot and at&t being the 3g provider what would be the need for a hotspot ?

Jenny Sy.: Sorry we do not have much info on this device as of yet. Let me see what else I can find for you.

Ramon: Thank you . Its being release on February and I am getting the 3G version . But i would like to know the data plan to see if i should get the service or not .

Jenny Sy.: You would actually need to take the Vita into a local store and see what they can offer you. Our SIM cards are only good for phone service with plans.

Ramon: Ok I guess ill do that . Hopefully At&t announces something before the release . It seems like much of hassle to go to the store and find out . thanks for the help

So there you have it, apparently to find out more about the PS Vita's 3G plan, you will have to go to an AT&T store. It's a little sad, and kind of scary that not even two months before the Vita's release, AT&T's reps aren't fully caught up on this new piece of technology that they will exclusively support.

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