ASTRO Gaming addresses next-gen compatibility with PS4 and Xbox One headsets

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ASTRO Gaming has revealed the details of its next-gen compatibility with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In an email sent out, the company confirmed "with 100% certainty" that their headsets will deliver Dolby Digital GAME AUDIO on the PS4. The headsets will also deliver full voice chat functionality over the PlayStation Network "upon Sony's release of a post-launch PS4 firmware update."

Things get a little trickier with the Xbox One, however. Although Xbox One's optical output means all of ASTRO's products will deliver full Dolby Digital GAME AUDIO, chat functionality will require an adapter.

"The chat connector on the controller is now a proprietary connector," ASTRO explained, "meaning that our current products will require an adapter to connect to the controller for Xbox Live voice chat."

Until the adapter becomes available, ASTRO points out that the built-in Kinect microphone will provide full voice communication while using ASTRO headsets on the Xbox One.

The company also noted they are an officially licensed Xbox One partner, but are unable to comment on the specifics of products currently in the development pipeline. "Rest assured, none of our current products will be made obsolete by anything going on in the Xbox One ecosystem," they concluded.

The PlayStation 4 is due out on November 15th in North America, while the Xbox One will release a week later on November 22nd.

[ASTRO via NeoGAF]

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