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Asteroids: GUNNER Answers Your Nostalgic Atari Woes


Have you been nostalgic for classic Atari titles?  Do you miss Asteroid?  Do you dream of the day where you could access one of your favorite Atari titles, in your hands, with updated graphics?  Well sir, you are in luck.  Asteroids: GUNNER is the new game that came out today for the iPhone and iPad.  Download it, for FREE, via your iPhone / iPad or iTunes.

You play as gritty crystal miner that must blast through asteroids to gain riches and galactic treasure.  While avoiding alien warships, gaining these riches you can become the wealthiest ship in all the cosmos.

What can you expect in Asteroids: GUNNER? How about three three all-new galaxies to explore and conquer, with 150 waves of asteroids and alien warships to obliterate

  • Three all new galaxies to explore and conquer
  • 150 waves of asteroids and alien warships to destroy
  • Duel-stick controls for firing and movement
  • Three unique space crafts to pilot: miner, bomber, and dart
  • Power-ups for your ship
  • Crystals to earn Space Bucks to unlock galaxies and upgrades
  • Achievement system for ranks and bragging ranks
  • OpenFeint and Game Center integration





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