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Assassinate, plunder and sing sea shanties in this 13 minute Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer

Man, Assassin's Creed 4 looks pretty freaking amazing. These gameplay videos showcasing many different aspects of AC4 have really hyped me up to play the game. This 13 minute video shows off a bunch of sweet elements that you'll be experiencing in the game.

We first get a really short glimpse at an Assassination Contract. Edward picks up an assignment to kill two brothers. After dispatching one, the other makes a run for his boat and takes to the open seas. This really shows the seamless transition from ground combat, to naval combat.

One new feature in AC4 is the free-aim shot, making targeted shots like headshots possible. The video also shows a short naval battle against another ship, which ends up with Edward claiming the ship as part of his fleet.

One rather important note that Game Director, Ashraf Ismail, made is that the game is designed to always have something for the player to do or partake in. "We needed to make sure that every minute, something is being advertised to the player, something new for the player to do." Even in the open sea exploration, there will be various islands to explore, treasure maps to find and valuable treasure to acquire through exploration.

The game also features a rather gorgeous dynamic weather system. In one part of the video, a raging storm breaks out which produces large waves and even water spouts, or tornadoes, in the ocean. Navigating carefuly through storms is necessary to minimize the amount of damage done to the boat or losing valuable crew members. However, crafty players will be able to lure their enemies into storms and water spouts to damage them, and then easily plunder them.

The best feature though? Sea shanties! These songs that are sung by your crew are collectibles you can acquire through exploration, and having different ones will enable your crew of sailors to burst into song when sailing the sea. Seriously, it's awesome!

Look out for Assassin's Creed 4 on October 29th!

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