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Assassin's Creed Unity "no face" bug resolved, performance issues investigated

Guess you could say they saved face...


Assassin's Creed Unity launched over a week ago and since its launch we have been seeing a bevy of complaints on the graphics.

In reply to the complaints on graphics (texture issues, no faces)  and performance, Ubisoft has created a live blog for their updates.

So, here we are today and we've seen both the performance being "investigated" and the graphics being resolved in a patch. If you're facing the performance issues that others have reported, it comes from a discrepancy between the pre-launch and post-launch environment. Ubisoft is looking for the best fix at the moment and have no ETA on when the fix will be implemented. As for the graphics issue that left us without a face, well, with the Day One patch (and following patches) that problem will be fixed.

Plz love me, plz.

Love me, plz.


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