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Artificial Life Launches "Red Bull Air Race World Championship" Full Version on the iPhone

May 7, 2009

Artificial Life Launches "Red Bull Air Race World Championship"

Artificial Life, Inc.,announced today the launch of “Red Bull Air Race World Championship” in the Apple App Store for $4.99, featuring a spectacular action-packed interactive flying game.

The full version of the “Red Bull Air Race World Championship” game replicates the actual air races onto the iPhone and iPod touch. Taking on the role of one of the world’s best pilots, players are put into the cockpit of a race plane to compete on different air race tracks around the globe, challenging their reflex and coordination abilities, where precision is key! In addition to the stimulating experience, “Red Bull Air Race World Championship” allows interaction among players worldwide.

Game Features:

  • l Race Lounge : Racing against the best times of other pilots around the world

  • l Race Editor : Building customized air race courses to challenge other pilots

  • l Various play modes for different kinds of race experiences

  • Normal Season Mode – Playing throughout a full season consisting of a maximum of 5 races per location

  • Quick Season Mode – A simplified system with one match per location

  • Quick Flight Mode – A simple single match

  • Custom Flight Mode – Single- or multi-player match with custom courses and airplanes

  • Actual air race tracks featured in the previous and upcoming Red Bull Air Race World Championship

  • Locations include: Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Budapest, Barcelona, Porto, Windsor Ontario, Rio de Janeiro and Monument Valley

  • Participating pilots in the upcoming Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2009

  • Pilots of the current year include: Hannes Arch, Paul Bonhomme, Kirby Chambliss, Mike Mangold, Peter Besenyei, Matthias Dolderer,

  • Nigel Lamb, Alejandro Maclean, Nicolas Ivanoff, Michael Goulian, Sergey Rakhmanin, Glen Dell, Matt Hall, Pete McLeod and Yoshihide Muroya

  • Latest profiles of the world class pilots

Click here to download the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Trailer

For more details about the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, please visit:,  or   on the iPhone. The game is now live in the Apple App Store and is available for purchase at: 

“We are very excited about the full version being launched just as the official season has started. Artificial Life has truly managed to capture the thrill and challenges of the real Championship into the game. One really feels as flying in the actual race, without being in one of the planes,” said Kim Bernhard, Head of TV & New Media Red Bull Air Race GmbH.

“Red Bull Air Race is one of our featured premium game applications. It possesses the qualities which end-users are looking for, including exquisite visuals and intriguing game play. We would like to thank Red Bull once again for their generous support and co-operation,” said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.

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