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Arkham City Will Be Sizeable Despite Lack of Multiplayer


We had previously received news that Rocksteady's upcoming Batman: Arkham City would not feature a multiplayer component. Developers instead wanted to focus solely on creating a big single-player adventure within the game's world. According to Rocksteady game director Sefton Hill, "I can honestly say it would not have been possible to deliver Arkham City the way we wanted if we'd have added multiplayer."

While the news disappointed some fans, specifically those looking to enter the world of Arkham City with a buddy, the folks at Rocksteady Studios have assured gamers that despite the lack of a multiplayer, Arkham City will still be a beefy adventure. According to Dax Ginn, marketing game manager for Rocksteady, gamers should stay tuned for more news regarding the size of the single-player campaign as well as additional side quests. "In terms of replayability or filling out a single-player story with additional features, there are more announcements that we're going to make, which I think will solve that problem," Ginn told CVG in an interview.

According to Ginn, part of the challenge in making Arkham City was maximizing use of the game's massive world. The Rocksteady team had to make sure to stuff Arkham City full of quality missions that didn't feel tacked on. At the same time, Ginn stated that Rocksteady didn't want to over-saturate the game to the point where gamers would view many of the missions and side quests as complete overkill. The director specified the importance of "building missions and genuine gameplay that feed into the game world so that you never get to the point where you're flippantly doing side missions that have got nothing to do with the main story."

It seems that fans of Batman: Arkham Asylum have little to worry about in terms of content within the upcoming sequel. While there are bound to be plenty of disgruntled naysayers who refuse to believe the game can be any good without a multiplayer feature, I for one am eagerly looking forward to seeing what Rocksteady turns out. (Personally, I'm more of a lone wolf gamer anyway.) It will definitely be interesting to see what types of missions related to the story will enrich what Ginn is calling a "chunky game."

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