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ArenaNet talks Guild Wars 2 WvW improvements

With the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event quickly approaching, ArenaNet has taken the time to detail some of the world-versus-world improvements they've made since the game's previous beta tests.

"As many of you know, BWE2 was a rather difficult weekend for many people that wanted to experience WvW because of various issues and bugs in the matchmaking systems. Due to all the issues we encountered, we will not be releasing match results from BWE2," Guild Wars 2 system designer Mike Ferguson wrote. "That said, over the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work improving our matchmaking and fixing those issues."

In addition, the WvW matchmaking formula has received an update that uses additional factors, like score differential, to make more accurate adjustments in future ranking calculations.

"Our tests indicate that the system is working much better now, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it in action during the event," he added.

With all of the changes in place, ArenaNet is still taking some precautions with WvW at launch. They will be using the 24-hour match format until the initial population settles down,which should help avoid having two-week-long extreme mismatches.

As I previously said, this weekend is the final Beta Weekend Event before the game's official release on August 28. Ferguson took the time to list the worlds that will be available during this test. The following worlds will be available:

NA Servers EU Servers
Anvil Rock Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
Blackgate Augury Rock [FR]
Borlis Pass Aurora Glade
Crystal Desert Blacktide
Darkhaven Boreal Station
Ehmry Bay Desolation
Fort Aspenwood Elona Reach [DE]
Gate of Madness Far Shiverpeaks
Henge of Denravi Fissure of Woe
Isle of Janthir Fort Ranik [FR]
Jade Quarry Gandara
Maguuma Gunnar’s Hold
Sanctum of Rall Jade Sea [FR]
Sea of Sorrows Kodash [DE]
Sorrow’s Furnace Lakeside County
Stormbluff Isle Piken Square
Tarnished Coast Ring of Fire
Yak’s Bend Riverside [DE]
  Ruins of Surmia
  Seafarer’s Rest
  Umbral Grotto
  Whiteside Ridge

Why less worlds than the previous test? As Ferguson explains, they have shifted their focus into how they utilize their server power, particularly focusing the new CPU horsepower into fewer, more populated worlds. Hoping to avoid low population worlds, ArenaNet is  looking to get higher populations on each of the worlds to "improve the experience for all beta players". With that being said, they do have backup worlds and will be "closely monitoring" world populations over the weekend. Ferguson reassured fans that they can quickly launch new worlds as needed.

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