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ArenaNet announces mandatory password change for Guild Wars 2


Imagine playing a game for over 40 hours, having top tier armor, a character at the level cap and having everything you need to be the best Warrior you can be. Now imagine you lost all of that game time to someone who managed to hack into your account.

ArenaNet knows that account security isn't a joke, that's why they announced yesterday that a mandatory password change was headed to all Guild Wars 2 players starting February 7, 2013. The password change might not come easily to some considering ArenaNet has created a blacklist of passwords that cannot be used. The blacklist was created from passwords that were used by hackers to scan for accessible accounts.

If you are a Guild Wars 2 player please know that the system will not allow any passwords that have been tested on an existing or non-existent account. It is suggested that your password stays unique and isn't used on any other game or website.

Here's the link to account management, make the change!

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