Are these July's free PS Plus games for PS4?

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It's still a little too early for Sony to be announcing July's free games for PlayStation Plus members, but PlayStation Asia may have accidently spilled the beans.

As spotted by NowGamer, the free PS Plus games coming to PS4 in July look to be TowerFall Ascension and Strider. Both games were listed under the PlayStation Asia site as coming to PS Plus next month and even though it isn't the same region as the United States or Europe, free PS4 games in the past have previously matched up.

For example, in June, all three regions received PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate and Trine 2: Complete Story for free on PS4. In May, it was Stick it to the Man, and in April it was Mercenary Kings. So as you can see, there's some evidence backing the speculation for July.

Velocity Ultra for PS3 and Vita, Hustle Kings for PS3 and Mind=0 for Vita are also listed by PlayStation Asia as being free in July, but monthly offers on these platforms tend to differ between regions. As always, we'll be sure to keep you updated when Sony officially reveals next month's free PS Plus games.

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