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Are these Dead Space 3 'Feeders' terrifying enough for you?

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EA and Visceral have caught a lot of flack for Dead Space 3 and their supposed move into more of an action-shooter genre. Despite claims that they have watered down the franchise's staple survival-horror feel and replaced it with a more action-paced gameplay, with the addition of multiplayer, EA has insisted the game hasn't lost its scary feel.

Proof that the Dead Space 3 hasn't completely abandoned its horror roots is this fresh batch of screenshots, courtesy of GameInformer, showing off the game's feeders, "a type of necromorph that are created when a human eats the corrupted flesh of a dead necromorph".

According to the description, feeders can be found trapped in the darkness of the Way Station. Since bright lights now hurt their eyes, they navigate through sound and attack in waves.

There are a few ways to approach a nest of feeders. You can charge head first, guns blazing; or you can try to sneak by, throwing objects as a distraction to lead them in the opposite direction of you. The choice is yours, but remember the importance of investigating your environment before making any decisions.

So are these feeders scary enough for you?

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