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Are the God of War creators announcing a new game at E3?

God of War

Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the beloved God of War series, could possibly reveal a new game at E3 next month. The official Twitter for the studio last night posted the following cryptic message:

"4 weeks to E3..."

Now it could just be that they are extremely excited to drink with their buds at the after parties, but the reality is, as one of Sony's main in-house developing studios, they are likely to have a big role in whatever is planned for Sony's E3 press briefing. A possible PS4 game reveal?

What we do know for certain is that the studio is hiring for a game currently under development. A job listing posted to Gamasutra which calls for a senior combat designer with experience developing first or third person shooters, as well as vehicle combat. The posting also mentions bosses, magic, and "environmental character impact."

Does it necessarily mean a new God of War will be announced? While its quite possible we will see a new God of War title somewhere down the road on the PS4, I highly doubt they would reveal one so closely to the release of Ascension. It could also be Hohokum, a game they are collaborating with London studio Honeyslug on. Then again, it could also be an entirely new IP.

Let the E3 speculation begin..

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