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Archie Comics releasing Sonic and Mega Man crossover


It looks like the blue blur and the Blue Bomber will cross paths soon. An image sent out by Archie Comics depicts Sonic the Hedgehog's red running shoes and Mega Man's blue helmet. Umm, freakin' awesome?

The image in question was tweeted by Brian Truitt, USA Today's resident comics expert. According to Truitt, the image arrived in his inbox courtesy of Archie Comics. Interesting!

It's insane to think that two iconic video game mascots will meet via comic book, but hey, it should make for an interesting read! I predict that the two will kick one another's butts for a bit (like an issue or two) and then proceed to join forces to take on a common threat.

Watch out for this at your local comic book shop. It may just be a memorable crossover.


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