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ArcheAge reveals an official movie using the main score

Sadly, I feel like ArcheAge is under the radar of a large chunk of MMORPG gamers out there in North America. Understandably so, there hasn’t been the greatest amount of advertising or promotion here in the States that I’ve seen. I first got a glimpse of it back at E3 in 2013. There is a certain complex nature to this game, a jack of all trades, and even a sort of charming sandbox quality to it all.

Even though the majority of trailers aren’t English, I still keep watch of their YouTube feed. Every once in a while you’ll get a gem like this one. This trailer shows off the beautiful landscapes, battlegrounds, numerous activities, various vehicles, and social interactions that can be done throughout the game. The whole time this video is playing, the musical score by Yoonsang DaMeAte plays – great stuff. Check it out above!   

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