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Arcane Green Lantern is the newest champion in Infinite Crisis

arcane green lantern

Arcane Green Lantern is the newest super hero to join the roster of Infinite Crisis. A mix of Support and Enforcer, he is potent at sustained defense. He has a slow, a knock-up, AOE damage, reveals vision, a teleport move -- he basically does it all. 

His bio reads:

Universe of Origin: Arcane

Ever watchful of creatures from the Black, Arcan Green Lantern lights a path to victory through support and defense of his allies.

Sir Harold Jordan, a highly distinguished member of the Order of Emerald Knights, was only a child when the Shadow League unleashed the Black. Monsters poured from the darkness to slay everyone in their path, including young Harold's family. If the famed Emerald Knight Alan Scott had not intervened, the boy would have also perished. 

Raised by a legend among the Emerald Knights, Arcane Green Lantern is a shining beacon of strength and will upon any battlefield. 

His skills are:

  • Emerald Lantern - Throws lantern at target location, does AoE Power Damage and grants vision. Allies near the lantern receive an Attack Armor boost. Moving to the lantern's location retrieves it and reduces its cooldown.
  • Construct Champion - Creates a stained-glass knight that deals Power Damage and knocks enemies in its path into the air. When activated a second time, Arcane Green Lantern blinks to the knight's location.
  • Shackles - Slows enemies. Enemies are briefly rooted.
  • Ultimate - Deny the Black - Extends Emerald Lantern's vision and places Emerald Light on enemies within that vision. Activate the ult to teleport to an ally and shield them.
  • Passive - Emerald Light - Placed on enemies struck by his skills. Allies who basic attack a target with Emerald Light regain a small amount of health over time. 

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