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Aquaman vs. Cyborg and Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy? Injustice: Gods Among Us wants your vote

We’ve made it to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Week 3. Busting out these first round losers can’t come soon enough. Let’s get to the semifinals already! This week we’re looking at Aquaman vs. Cyborg and Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy. Only two can advance; the other two will be removed from the tournament forever. Can the King of Atlantis take on the mechanical Teen Titan? Will Hal have enough willpower to defeat the terrifying zombie brute? Your vote will decide.

Seems like a lot of people are betting pretty heavily on Cyborg and Lantern, but what do you think? Vote on the Injustice site to help decide the outcome. You need to vote before Thursday night for the results will be posted Friday with two videos showing the voted outcome of the matches via Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay footage. Watch the video above to get yourself a bit more pumped before making up your mind.

Not enough for you? That’s fine. Would you listen to Tara Strong and Wayne Brady? Well how about Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes? It’s hard to argue with the comic book knowledge of Jay and Silent Bob. Enjoy the two celebrity videos and cast that vote!

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