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Apple Getting Strict on Copycat Devs


Apple will be enforcing a strict set of rules for game developers to follow if they wish to submit games to the App Store. A story on AppleInsider listed the rules and regulations which developers must abide by, and from the looks of things, everything seems pretty fair.

In an attempt to prevent flawed or pirated work from entering the App Store, the company is prohibiting developers from creating phony accounts in order to leave favorable reviews and ratings on their products. Additionally, Apple will be on the lookout for companies that copy the work of others. Developers who fail to abide by these rules will not only have their apps removed, but they will be kicked out of the dev program.

This spells nothing but great news for companies who have original ideas, and it is likely that we'll see content of a higher quality now that Apple is requiring devs to follow these guidelines. With the recent copycat incident involving indie dev Halfbot and their game The Blocks Cometh, which will be released tomorrow on the iPhone, it's possible that Apple got a bit of a wake-up call in regards to piracy on the App Store.

It's good to know Apple is taking steps toward eliminating bootleg content on the iOS.


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