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Apple introduces Pay Once and Play to the iOS App Store

For those of you who hate microtransactions


Microtransactions and in-game purchases have nearly become the norm for mobile gaming. If trends still hold true, regardless of how many in-app purchases a mobile game offers, a shockingly low amount of people purchase them.

In a recent survey, only 1.5% of mobile gamers actually made an in-app purchase. Perhaps it was in light of this or the growing distaste for microtransactions, Apple has launched a new "Pay Once and Play" category on iTunes.

The category, as the name suggests, lumps together games that do not have any in-app purchases; the only fee is that price of the app. You might be wondering what kind of quality these games will be. Well, here's a taste of what's available under the Pay Once and Play category: MinecraftGoat Simulator, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Threes!, Gunbrick, BioShock, and Bastion.

Google Play doesn't currently feature a similar category, but for the sake of rivalry they might one day.

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