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Apple acquires the domain despite not having an iPad 3 product


The domain “” is now in the hands of Apple, well their lawyers that is.  Global Access transferred ownership to Apple’s lawyers at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton KT&S has represented Apple in several cases focusing on patents and trademark infringement cases in the past.

So what happened here?    The abridged version is that Apple wants the website “” despite naming their latest iPad “The New iPad” instead of the iPad3.  Towards the end of June, Apple filed a complaint with the World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) about transferring the webpage to them.  In the last 24 hours ownership has been transferred to KT&S.

The assumption here is that Apple wants the traffic from people searching “” for their product.  By owning the site they will get both the traffic and the ability to actually promote their product… despite it not being named the iPad3.  Hell, I think most people call it the iPad3 despite it not being its real name. 

There is also stipulation that the next iPad will be named the iPad3 due to the urgency of this transfer.  Personally, I would LOVE if Apple named the next iPad the iPad3; I wouldn’t be able to contain my anticipation it watching the confusion and chaos consume all of society. 

Some men just want to watch the world burn. 


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