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Apexicon developers to launch second Kickstarter next year


Actos Games isn't giving up on its Puzzle Quest-inspired word game, Apexicon. It's launching a second Kickstarter in January.

"[We're] getting the game into an Alpha state for those who want to play through some sick story and level up some weapons," wrote Actos in an update.

The indie developer failed to meet its modest $15,000 crowdfunding goal by Dec. 1. We spoke to company founder Jonathan Meyer, who has some cool ideas for the Puzzle Quest meets Bookworm Adventures (meets Eternal Darkness) game.

“One of my biggest thoughts was about how the combat needs to be visceral and dynamic, especially with effects,” he told GameZone in November. “It's just a word game at its core, but I want the combat to feel like you're squaring off with a true foe.

"For example, one of the current effects to the Wordsmith's Sharpened Wit skill splatters the word entry box with blood, and when you hit the opponent with the charged-up word, it makes a ‘blood splatter’ come out of the opponent to signify you did extra damage.”

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