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Antoine's final thoughts shared through new Remember Me trailer

Remember Me

Antoine Carier-Wells is the founder of MEMORIZE, a fictional company -- in Capcom's upcoming game Remember Me -- that is responsible for the invention of a new brain implant, the Sensations Engine (Sensen). In short, this piece of technology enables the majority of the population to upload and share their actual memories on the net, but also gives MEMORIZE immense power and control over the majority of the population. Needless to say, Antoine and MEMORIZE are intrinsic to the Remember Me universe.

Leading up to the release of Remember Me, Capcom has provided plenty of background information on both Antoine and MEMORIZE. A look at Antoine's Journal serves as sort of a prequel for the game, as you can learn more about the events that led to the world that Nilin finds herself in, a Neo-Paris in 2084. In mid-May, DevinSuperTramp created a video that was the opening part of Antoine's story. Today, a new video was released, giving us a look at the closing chapter of a very different Antoine, as he somberly reflects on his life.

Watch closely and you'll even see Nilin being taken to the Bastile to have her memory wiped. This is also where Remember Me begins.

Remember Me is due out on June 4th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in North America.

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