Another look at Xbox One's Snap mode

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - NFL on Xbox One

As Xbox One consoles begin to arrive at media outlets ahead of the November 22nd launch, we should begin to see more videos like the one released by The Verge's Tom Warren, which gives us yet another look at the system's Snap mode. With Snap, Xbox One users can pin various apps to the side of the TV screen while actually playing the game on the majority of the remaining space. This could allow for things like playing a game while surfing the web or staying up-to-date on the latest fantasy football stats.

In light of the debate surrounding the speed of the Xbox One's Snap functionality, Warren's video highlights exactly what it's capable of doing. Unfortunately, without being signed into Xbox LIVE much of the functionality is disabled, but the video does a good job of highlighting the Xbox One's ability to run multiple programs at once.

It's also worth noting that Warren is not making use of the Kinect voice functionality which allows you to perform certain actions using voice commands rather than the controller.

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