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Another Guild Wars 2 stress test planned for tomorrow


Another Guild Wars 2 stress test has been announced for tomorrow, August 9.

Just a week from the last surprise stress test for the highly anticipated MMO, ArenaNet once again confirmed they will be "actively working" on the game during the event, so you might experience some issues when playing.

"Any issues you experience are a result of the rigorous conditions of the stress test, and are in no way representative of the state of the game at launch," ArenaNet assured fans again. "By participating in this stress test, you’re helping us make Guild Wars 2 a better game."

The Guild Wars 2 stress test is set to begin Thursday, at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time and last until 4:00 PM Pacific Time. The test will be open to anyone who has pre-purchased Guild Wars 2.

Just 20 days from the game's August 28 launch date, ArenaNet could potentially hold a few more stress tests to ensure the smoothest launch possible and make any last minute adjustments and balances.

Meanwhile, ArenaNet recently announced their upcoming trade show plans for Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, because their launch is so close to gamescom and during PAX, they will have limited to no presence at them.

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