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Another Fake Bethesda Twitter Pops Up


Yesterday, we reported on a fake Twitter account made by a disgruntled Skyrim fan impersonating Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines.  The account was the exact same except for two letters that were switched around, a small enough difference that some fans couldn't even tell the difference and were responding to it.

Now it appears more Bethesda-impersonating Twitter accounts are popping up.  The most recent takes form of the official Bethesda Blog Twitter, BethBlog.

It appears the exact same to the unsuspecting user, but two key differences set it apart.  First, the number of followers is drastically lower so that is a dead giveaway.  Second, if you look atop your broswer you will see the fake Bethesda Twitter is actually spelled with a capital "i".  It appears as @BethbIog, but it is really @bethbiog.

Be sure to check for those two key differences before responding to any tweets by the fake one.  The real Bethesda Twitter account can be found here.


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