Another day, another teaser for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Screenshot - Telltale Games' The Walking Dead - Shel

Day four: Telltale Games has released another clip teasing The Walking Dead. Things are sort of beginning to make sense... but not really.

The new clip introduces a fourth missing character, Shel. However, it reveals that all of the previous pictures of characters from the three past videos were posted to the same missing persons board. So who is this person posting all these pictures? Will it be the character you play as in the next season?

Today's clip is numbered "Day 236." The previous three days were "Day 2," "Day 220," and "Day 184." It seems as though the days are counting when each person of the group went missing. Will you be playing alone as you search for each of the former members of this group?

It should be noted that the end of this clip features the same neon-light that appeared at the conclusion of the third clip. At first glance it looks like two "O's." Combining the this clip with the one from yesterday, it would appear the neon-whatevers form the number "400." Will all go to hell on Day 400? I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

Let's hope Telltale Games explains things to us at next week's E3. See if you can figure anything out from the clip below because I'm stumped.

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