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Anonymous Protest Equals Fail


Now that George Hotz and Sony have settled out of court, the anti-PlayStation group Anonymous has become a mere afterthought. The group attempted to rally several of its followers across different Sony stores to perform a sit-in protest. Unfortunately for Anonymous, the turn-out wasn't as successful as hoped.

"Operation Sony," as it was dubbed, had a little more than 10 participants in total. As can be expected, this anti-Sony "attack" had no effects on the manufacturer and its products whatsoever. Of course, the official Facebook page of Operation Sony claims that the protest was a success, but we could probably expect failures like Anonymous to pretend they actually made a difference.

The group had previously mentioned planning a major attack (their "biggest attack") on the PlayStation 3 manufacturer. Clearly, they failed. Who knows what actions the group will take, if any, in the near future, but it seems apparent that no one, not even hackers themselves, care about Anonymous at this point.

GeoHot might have agreed to a settlement with Sony, but he continues to urge people to attack Sony. If you check out various comment and forum boards, however, you will find that few care to support a cause that will fill PlayStation 3 games with hacks and cheats. Anonymous hopes to make a statement against Sony, but now that the GeoHot business has been resolved, people no longer care about their crusade. I can already see the higher-ups at Sony laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of these two factions.

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