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Announcement of Age of Heroes 3D from Qplaze

May 23, 2008

Qplaze announces development of 3D version of Age of Heroes – the most popular strategy/RPG for mobile phone.

Age of Heroes 3D will keep all features of previous versions of the game, but will also allow to realize lots of new features, available only in PC games:

Hero will have realistic visibility zone; Night and day will appear on the map, it will influence creatures’ behavior; Rotation of the camera will allow to see area surrounding hero and hidden objects; 3D animation and light effects will allow spectacle magic on adventure map and in battle; 3D maps will become bigger and adventures will be more interesting and longer; Altitude maps will be added into the battle, they will affect efficiency of units, and realistic obstacles – water, rocks, trees; In battle, camera will rotate allowing to see all battlefield or control one unit at short distance.

Also, performance will grow up with introduction of third dimension – special effects will be 3D and will get scale, mass effects will be available on battlefield – explosions, meteorite showers and lightning’s, also, hiding places, magic sources and weather effects will appear on global map.

Gameplay of 3D version will propose to admirers of the series handy control, many new features of heroes, battles on 3D multilevel battlefields with obstacles and different tactical schemes, leading to victory, and also, really epic new adventures in immortal world of Age of Heroes.

Three-dimensional version of the game will be able to work in majority of modern phones supporting Java 3D. Also, two-dimensional version with the same gameplay will be released for users of outdated phones.

Official site of the game: 

Official forum of the game: 

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