Animal Crossing: New Leaf has quite a huge female user base

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed some information regarding the user base for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game, which launched in Japan back in November, quickly outsold titles such as Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3G. What really surprised Iwata, however, was how high the female install base was.

According to the Nintendo president, 56 percent of folks who bought New Leaf along with a new 3DS since launch were females aged 19 to 24. Obviously, these figures pertain to Japan, but it's interesting to see the large female fan base that Nintendo's critter-themed town-dwelling sim has managed to obtain.

"What I find interesting is that the 3DS core users consist of 69 percent male and 31 percent female, but when I look at the numbers of people that bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the 3DS handheld together recently, I see 44% male and 56% female users," explained Iwata. "It’s quite an astonishing figure."

Just about two weeks ago, we reported that New Leaf had managed to hit 2.1 million sales in Japan. That number recently surpassed the 2.3 million sales mark.

[Nikkei via Siliconera]

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