Animal Crossing 3DS heads to Japan this fall

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Last time we heard anything regarding Animal Crossing 3DS was during a developer roundtable where the fine folks who were making the game discussed the title and its content. Their discussion was still a bit vague, but we did find out that there were going to be way more items, and that the game world was going to be bigger this time around.

Courtesy of Nintendo Direct, the Big N's video feature that highlights upcoming games, we now know that Animal Crossing is headed to the 3DS this fall in Japan. We still don't know when the game will launch in North America, but let's hope it lands shortly after.

The game will be titled Tobidase Dobutsu no Mor in Japan. That translates to Leap Out Animal Crossing. Seriously, even though that probably won't be the name in North America, I really hope Nintendo at least considers it. I mean, we have to start getting games with their Japanese titles completely translated. Imagine how awesomely insane game titles would sound!


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